Zach Goldstein


Zach is a die-hard Sacramento Kings fan; it was through many losing seasons where he first learned the value of loyalty. He founded Thanx in 2011 with the goal of helping merchants identify, reward and retain their best customers / die-hard fans. Previously, Zach worked with retail and tech giants at Bain and Company, where he focused on customer satisfaction and retention. He received his MBA from Stanford and shivered his way to a BA at Dartmouth.

Darren Cheng


Darren is a born-and-raised East-Coaster, currently enjoying the West Coast life. He joined Thanx as employee and engineer #1 in 2011 and has enjoyed cultivating the codebase from its inception to what it is now. Darren received his BA in Computer Science from Dartmouth.

Aaron Newton


Aaron is a veteran of too many startups to keep track of anymore, the most recent being Cloudera where he was employee #6. He focuses his passion for data — and its potential to impact consumer behavior — on the Thanx product. He chips in with some code and design work here and there, much to the chagrin of the engineers and designers.

Michelle Wohl


Michelle Wohl heads up the marketing team at Thanx. Previously, she was the VP of Marketing at Revinate, a software company that helps more than 35,000 hoteliers connect with their guests. Michelle started her career in product marketing at GoLive Systems, creators of the first WYSIWYG Web authoring product for the Mac, which was acquired by Adobe. At Adobe, she led product marketing for the Web products, and later, Adobe Acrobat. She graduated from Cornell University with a B.A in English.

Sam Parker


With a career that includes managing all functions within the enterprise, Sam is the obvious choice to champion the customer experience at Thanx, and ensure that the right resources are focused on the right opportunities. Prior to Thanx, Sam was the COO at Recurly, a SaaS provider of subscription management infrastructure. Sam appreciates being rewarded for his loyalty and is slowly removing a large stack of punchcards from his wallet with each new merchant that Thanx signs up. He graduated from Yale University with a B.A in History.



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